Monday, July 24, 2006

Saga of the shade continues...

  1. The replacement for the broken shade in Henry's room was supposed to arrive Saturday. Today I received a suspiciously light package from FedEx.
  2. It was an empty box!!!
  3. I called customer service at the company and they told me that the service department had decided that they wanted to repair the shade, so they sent me a box to return it to them.
  4. I was never told that I was going to be receiving a box. I was told to expect a remade shade.
  5. I didn't get mad so much about them wanting to repair the shade, but the lousy communications annoyed me.
  6. When I finally figured out what I had to do with the shade and got it down from the window the box they sent was too small!
  7. Fortunately I had the old box that the shade had originally come in, so I was able to substitute it. Now I just have to wait 3-5 days for UPS to pick it up, bring me a label, and take it back from whence it came. We shall see if they screw it up or not.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Why in heaven's name would they send you an empty box? What's the point of that?

Em said...

So I could take down the shade and put it into said box, then return it to HQ for repair.

Auntly H said...

I like getting boxes in the mail, but empty boxes, not so much.

When things go wrong with my pump, they send me a new pump in a box, with a padded envelope inside for the return pump. They also include a very detailed letter about what I'm supposed to do with the envelope which really is: insert old pump, seal envelope, have receptionist call DHL to pick it up (we no longer have a DHL drop box in our building). It's sort of the reverse extreme of communications from your shad company.
Good luck with the pick-up, repair and re-delivery!

Mom at Work said...

What's better than an empty box?

Almost anything, but in our case it was actual mail for a three-year old!! Little guy loved Henry's postcard. We plan on returning the correspondence, but art usually waits 'til weekends when Mommy's around.

Thanks Em!!

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I get that they meant for you to put the shade in the empty box, but I still don't get the point. Was the box special in some way (other than the not-fitting-the-shade aspect)? Do they assume you have no cardboard? Are they worried that you would send them a broken shade in an envelope?

Em said...

The shade is 75" long, so it isn't like it would fit in an ordinary box, or as it turns out even in the one that they sent me!