Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Last time I checked, these are things we did for fun...
  1. Golf. I signed up for golf lessons with my pal J.J. thinking that I might not have much time to get on the course this year, but at least I would get to play at the lesson. Wrong! The lessons are brought to us by Sr. Crazy, who never stops talking, talking, talking. Talking about the biomechanics of golf and how he read his daughter's pre-med text books to understand the subject. Talking about how all PGA trained pro teachers know nothing because they don't study biomechanics. Talking while I am trying to swing at the ball, which doesn't happen too often because, you guessed it, he never stops talking. Cary and I actually played nine holes over the weekend, and we both decided that hitting regularly at the golf course would be better than an hour and a half of torture with Sr. Crazy, but I feel bad quitting, so even though it is tomorrow I still haven't totally decided to go or not.
  2. Swimming. Henry is enrolled in swimming lessons through the town we live in. The summer is divided into three two week sessions, and I had to go sign him up for session two last night. It was from 6-8, so after dutifully feeding my family and cleaning up after them, I headed out thinking it might take about an hour. There were well over 100 people in line when I arrived at 6:20. I waited in line for two hours! When I finally got to the head of the line I was stunned to see that the operation was staffed by only two women who were writing everything by hand!!! And I then learned that I could only sign him up for the second session. If he wants to swim in the third session as well, I have to go in two more weeks and repeat the whole crazy process. I think I spent almost as much time in line as he will have spent in the pool.

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Auntly H said...

Fun? As soon as Lucy is willing to sleep somewhere other than her own bed, you pack up those kids and come for a visit! We'll show you fun: Spoonbridge and Cherry, Musical Steps at the Science Museum, the Children's Museum, the Zoo... Ok, you have many similar things, I'm sure, but sometimes they're more fun when they're in a city where you don't live.