Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cause and Effect?

  1. The children both screamed more than normal, or at least more than I was able to tolerate today.
  2. I think I am getting a cold.
  3. Possibly because of 1 and 2, I have a migraine, but it is the first one since July 6th. I am hopeful that the neurologists suggestions will help me have fewer headaches.

But, in happier news, Lucy had something go very right today. We went to a different supermarket because Wegman's doesn't carry collards, and when we were checking out there were helium balloons for the taking with not one, but two dum dum aah-pops tied to them. Sometimes life is sweet!


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Lumpyhead got a free balloon at the Harris Teeter, which he loved. The next time he and Bump went to the Giant (where balloons are not free) he went ape-shit until Bump caved and bought him one.

Now he thinks he's entitled to a balloon every time they go to the grocery store.

Bump is seriously considering going only to Harris Teeter from now on, solely for the damn balloon.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Also, don't you hate it when commenters talk about themselves instead of leaving a real comment?



What I meant was: Bummer about the cold and the headache, Dude.

Auntly H said...

Way to go 15 days without a migraine! Sorry your streak was broken by the cold and screaming, though. Did the dr. give you decent drugs despite her claim that they're not "real" migraines?

If our blogs were started as a way to keep in touch with each other (well mine and Em's), I think it ought to be ok to comment about ourselves. What if we don't have time to post about where to find free balloons on our own blog, but want to share the info?
Maybe I'm just bad at blogger ettiquette. But, if you want to post a comment all about you on my blog, feel free!

"xxzddcof" - sounds like a noise one would make when suffering a cold. If the kids would let you sleep....

Em said...

As far as I am concerned all comments are welcome comments!

As for the balloon I am considering one of those Helium tanks like Nana V had for your BBQ.