Wednesday, July 12, 2006

  1. Escape. I was on my way to Henry's swimming lesson today, and it was raining, hard. I tore the house apart looking for an old raincoat to wear because it is an outside pool, and I can't just leave him and sit in the car with Lucy. I did find the coat, but when I came downstairs I couldn't find Henry. I went into the garage and found him sitting in the back of the car in his swim trunks and sandals with no shirt on. He was ready to swim. We were almost late, but I noticed that Sufi was not around. She didn't call when I rattled her food, so I went outside into the pouring rain (at least I had that damn coat) and found her under a tree in our yard, totally soaked.
  2. Oh so wet. We proceeded to Henry's lesson thinking it would not be cancelled because last time it was raining they did not cancel the lesson. As we are standing there watching him get ready to swim, with Lucy jumping joyously in the puddles, it started to rain even harder. So ten minutes after we arrived they ordered everyone out of the pool. We were soaked and he did not get to do any swimming.
  3. Ebay search is not working. Don't they know this is my only time today to price Marimekko coffee mugs?
But one thing went right ... all that rain meant golf was cancelled. Hooray!

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