Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It was a day that seemed to take forever

  1. Henry was put in time out by me for purposely squishing a container of applesauce in the fridge that was left over from what he didn't eat at lunch time.
  2. Henry was put in time out by Cary for purposely licking a door knob three times.
  3. I think I may have killed my favorite clematis but hopefully it will bounce back soon.
  4. Lucy is finally starting to feel better, although she still won't really eat and she cries inordinately. But I did take her and her brother outside for awhile today. I saw some errant grass growing near my blackberry lily and reached down to pick it. As I reached behind me to drop it on the ground I didn't realize she was standing right behind me and I clocked her in the face. Like the poor child hasn't felt bad enough for the past few days! Of course I felt terrible, but she did manage to recover well enough to scream throughout our entire dinner.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

I call Aunt Bob's clematis "the chlamydia." I think it's hysterical, but she's usually just confused by it.

I'm sorry for laughing at the Applesauce Squishing Doorknob Licker. Because I am. But it is funny.

Auntly H said...

This is why (maybe the ONLY reason) it's good we don't live near each other. I would join LHM rolling on the floor if I witnessed Henry licking the doorknob. Well, I might just giggle the first time. Snort the second. Roll on the floor the third time.
The applesauce reminds me of the tomato that EXPLODED when I gently picked it up last night. Perhaps this is why I don't cook often.

Mom at Work said...

Clematis, in my experience, is hard to kill.

My sister, to this day, will laugh hysterically at the funny joke: "doorknob."

Auntly H said...

Mommy at Work, I can't explain it, but that "joke" almost made me snort Limonata out my nose! What's up with that? Am I suddenly 4?