Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All was going so well and then...

  1. Yesterday we had neglected to run the dishwasher. I started it the next morning, and it happened to contain all of Lucy's usual type of sippy cup. When she asked for "nilk" and I gave it to her in the cup reserved for water at the gym she threw the cup and started crying horizontal tears. This went on for at least ten minutes. She stood in front of the open refrigerator and screamed. It got so bad that I stopped the dishwasher, removed all of the cups component parts and washed them and gave her the milk. That seemed to do the trick. Sheesh.
  2. I was upstairs balancing the checkbook and I heard Henry say "I just threw up." So down I ran and found him, cleaned and changed him. Cleaned up the mess which was on a new chair we just inherited, my PT ball, and the rug. I thought he had gotten sick because of the two Reese's cups and the entire box of Annies whole wheat macaroni and cheese he had eaten after swimming today, but I know my son. As he lay on the couch under a cozy blankie I thought to ask, "Did you do anything to yourself to make you throw up?" He answered, "Just stuck the screwdriver in my mouth." I looked down to see one of his play tools, a wrench actually, covered in vomit.

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