Wednesday, June 28, 2006


  1. Swimming. Henry did better at swimming lessons today, as compared to Monday. But he has to go through the boys locker room alone to reach the pool. When it was time to leave and he failed to come out I got a little worried. I tried to peer in the locker room, and I saw him run by. I yelled his name and he came out. No towel. No sandals. He said, "I took a shower." When he agreed to go back in for them it became apparent that he had showered with his towel.
  2. Locks. Henry has become fascinated with locks. He is constantly playing with the door lock in the car even though I have repeatedly asked him not to. Today he locked the downstairs bathroom door and closed it behind him, locking it. The release switch on the door knob was not working. After about 30 minutes of trying I called my dad, who suggested I use a screw driver to open it. I did open it, but only because the little screwdriver was small enough to push the latch in.
  3. Big Mess. I sent Henry to his room after the door incident. While he was up there he systematically removed all of the boxes containing his old shoes from the top shelf of his closet and I found them strewn about the room, with the tissue paper everywhere, and those little bags of dessicant (do not eat!) on the carpet. He did help me clean up and then cleaned up the family room too, so all is now forgiven. And the rest of the day was fine until he poured water on his comforter while Cary was home with him (I was at golf lessons, but that will have to wait for another post).


Auntly H said...

For the record... I have NO problem with you calling me at work to ask me how to disassemble a doorknob (in case Henry locks you in the garage someday). It would be a great excuse to sneak in a real conversation. (what went wrong AND right!)

Mom at Work said...

You did better than Pete who, when faced with child in room and self outside, did not try the door release mechanism that i had showed him just the week before. Instead he broke in the door. To this date (1.5 years later), door and doorframe are broken.

My secret word is "oepun," which is probably what we shout at those locked doors.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

You're taking golf lessons?!?