Friday, June 23, 2006

Yeah, it was one for the ages today ...

  1. I slept late which was good because of the aforementioned insomnia. Then I ran around like crazy so I could get everything done in time to go on some errands with the kids and my mom which I was really looking forward to. So maybe it is lame to look forward to errands, but so be it. My mom drives and the kids are locked in their car seats and we chat and I drink coffee, and it is pretty relaxing. However, we never went on the errands because Henry had some kind of weirdo rash that my mom noticed while in the car. It required a phone call to the doctor, benadryl, and a baking soda bath. But it really is no big deal, except that I spent the next third of my day treating it.
  2. I had another migraine. I am now out of my drug of choice for these headaches.
  3. I got a call from my neurologist's office reminding me of my appointment on Tuesday (like I would forget). The computer that was placing the call mentioned that I would need to bring several things to the appointment, including a referral from my doctor. I have been waiting for three months to go to this appointment to talk about my headaches, and my stupid, idiotic primary care physician set me up with an appointment (that the neurologist has already cancelled and re-scheduled twice) but didn't give me a referral!!!

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