Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just when I thought there was nothing to post ...

  1. I saw my fourteen year old neighbors creating a bonfire out of their school work in their back yard. While not something that went wrong, it just is wrong.
  2. I spent most of the day watching the kids, which was fine. When it was finally Cary's turn to take over I went out to spend some well earned quiet time in the garden only to get caught in a major downpour. This did have the advantage of putting out the aforementioned bonfire.
  3. A plunger was required to completely dispose of the contents of Lucy's diaper.


JenSay said...

When did you get into birdwatching? Very impressive.

Things that went wrong this weekend:
1. On our way out the door to a wedding in NYC (black tie, not even black tie optional), Paul realized his tuxedo was "not where he left it." This, of course, was after I had asked him on Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday whether his tuxedo was ready to go.
3. Said question merited the response "it's all set" on all three occasions (I continued to ask because I know him very well).
4. Drove through torrential downpours on the way to New York, and arrived at the hotel at 4:30 for a 5 p.m. wedding.
5. Managed to find a tux in a jiffy sort of place that fitted Paul for a tux in 15 minutes. Set us back a small fortune and it was the worst polyester penguin suit, but what can you do.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Plunger Baby. Impressive.

How's Henry's rash?

Auntly H said...

After recieving my B-Arch diploma, I burned all my thesis notes. It's very cathartic. I'm not a reckless rebel, though: it was December and we went to a city park to use the BBQ grill on a post.

What went right Sunday: Marilyn is much better. It's a crazy middle ear infection, not stroke nor tumor. Whew!