Wednesday, June 21, 2006

  1. Our dryer eats anything I put into it with a string, like a hooded sweatshirt or drawstring pants. Today it devoured the new pillow shams, which have ties for some stupid reason, even though I carefully hid them by turning the shams inside out before drying. I am not sure whether the dryer, the shams or both were designed by an idiot.
  2. Henry was put in time out at gym care for saying the words "stupid" and "idiot."
  3. I bumped Lucy in the face with a book by accident when putting her to bed, and the only suitable way to remedy her injury was to profusely apologize and read two more books to her.
  4. Joetaco let me down, and reviewed the new Frank Black record himself, so Cary had to buy it on This will inevitably generate future posts.
  5. I have insomnia, which is probably the only way this blog will continue to be updated.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

woo hoo! Em is online!

Jen14221 said...

I expect semi-regular posts from you.

Emsmom said...

I'm speechless. And a new review too. But stop blogging when you can't sleep, you need to sleep!