Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Updates ...

  1. The mystery rash is gone. Although I kind of miss Henry on Benardryl.
  2. My appointment with the neurologist resulted in a couple of new kinds of medication. The doctor doesn't seem to think they are true migraines because they aren't severe enough. Hurrah?! They are "migrainous" in nature. He also doesn't think the headaches are caused by anything more severe than my poor sleep habits. Hurrah!
  3. Rather than apologizing for neglecting to give me a referral, the receptionist at my primary care doc's office informed me that "they did it for me this time, but they just can't keep up with everyone's different types of insurance, so I was in charge of requesting my own referrals." Soon I will be requesting a new doctor.
  4. Cary is on the phone with our friend's son, Aidan, while Aidan is doing the Macarena. Aidan and Henry both learned the Macarena in pre-school today, but somehow Henry failed to mention that when he came home, although he did say it was "the greatest day of his life."
  5. I just sliced through a gigantic slug that was eating one of my Rosy Returns daylilies. (Sorry Bshanmac).
  6. We had a baby Cardinal in our yard tonight.


Anonymous said...

Does Henry go to Mid-90s Flashback Suburban Ramada Inn Dance Club Preschool?

Mom at Work said...

I thought the greatest day of my life was when they stopped playing the macarena.

Glad the rash cleared and everything's fine.

Jen14221 said...

#1 makes me laugh and laugh.