Monday, July 17, 2006

Swimming foibles continue

  1. Henry's swim goggles went through the washer, but fortunately not the dryer.
  2. He is refusing to go to lessons now because he wants his old teacher back. Town lessons make it nearly impossible to sign up, and they certainly do not let you request a teacher. So now he has convinced himself not to do something that he loved for an arbitrary reason. After asking him to wait in his room until he was ready to go to the lesson it only took him about five minutes to change his mind. Maybe the constant darkness of his room now with the broken shade helped hasten his decision.
  3. At swimming he was doing great until he decided to jump in with a floaty barbell while the teacher was at the other end with another child. The lifeguard had to get in and I had to yell at him. But at least I know he can jump in and be safe because he does it all the time at his Grandma's.
What went right: Lucy is now saying "I love you."

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