Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. We began our day with a fitting omen: Sufi puked up her entire breakfast moments after eating it. (Lucy cried out, "Oh dear! Mess!) Then Sufi proceeded to eat the puke before I could stop her. I figured it couldn't be that bad for her it had barely been in her stomach.
  2. I was totally excited today because my mother-in-law was going to keep both kids for me so I could run errands and go to the gym. I thought I would have tons of time and not be rushed. I was totally wrong. I ended up picking them up with all of my groceries still in the car only to arrive to the news that they had not been their usual angelic selves for her while there, plus she had taken a long and frustrating phone call while they were over, which I know from experience is not easy. Then I had to take two hungry, cranky kids home and put away a week's worth of groceries with them underfoot asking for popsicles, juice, and cookies, pretty much anything but lunch.
  3. Lucy woke up from her nap crying, but it wasn't clear why. Later, when we were trying to eat dinner, she kept saying "diaper, diaper" and crying more. It became apparent that she meant business. Yes, I mean that kind of business. She was asking for a new diaper first. So I changed her and she proceeded to use the diaper. When I asked her if she wanted a bath, she said "diaper, diaper" again. We went through the "process" a total of three times! After she was happy, and singing, and giving me hugs. It was like she was a different kid.
  4. Just as I was settling in for a peaceful 45 minutes of TV watching, I was forced to close all the windows because the local teenage militia was once again firing some kind of rifle from the back deck next door, and this time it was actually loud enough to be really annoying. But, I guess I would prefer the evening hours to the time when I want to be outside with the kids. I think Henry still thinks that guns are what his dad told him they are: cookie makers!

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Mom at Work said...

Sounds like you had it coming and going today!!