Friday, August 25, 2006

  1. Our day began with Henry's bloodiest nosebleed to date. It was the first time it occured to me that I might not able to stop it by myself, and had visions of visiting the ER. Unfortunately it happened at 12:17 a.m., so we sat on the bathroom floor with blood flying everywhere because Henry kept sneezing and shaking. 30 minutes later he was back in bed, none the worse for wear, though sadly he happened to be sleeping in his supercool Pixies T-shirt, made by Jen14221, and it pretty bloody.
  2. We went over to my friend Allie's for the kids to play this morning. When it was time to go Henry literally had to be carried out, kicking and screaming, without his shoes. He just kept repeating, "I want to live here. I just love them."
  3. Lucy did not nap.
  4. Henry managed to finish out the day with another nosebleed. Then he and I went around the house with club soda, and Nature's Miracle and cleaned up all the blood from last night and today. He was really sweetly enthusiastic about the task. Then I took the kids for a wagon ride and played in the yard. It was almost a normal day.
  5. He also invented a recipe, which definitely qualifies as something that went wrong: basmati rice with butter, cut up ham (cut up by his fingers), and pieces string cheese (the kind with alternating mozzerella and cheddar sections). He was so pleased with himself. He referred to it as a "grown-up curry." This is why I almost always make a separate meal for me and Cary, one for Henry, and one for Lucy.

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