Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I knew there were going to be days like this...

When I started this blog it crossed my mind that maybe not enough things would actually "go wrong" to merit cataloging. I was so naive...
  1. Minutes before we were due to leave for Henry's kindergarten orientation I came downstairs from dressing Lucy to find Henry standing in the middle of a water-splattered kitchen floor. He was holding a sopping wet wash cloth on his head. His clothes were soaked, and he said, "I had a headache." (But orientation actually went really well, so maybe school will go OK too. Only future posts will tell)
  2. Henry needed to get a haircut today. As soon as we arrived at the salon he announced that he needed to use the bathroom. I went in with him because they have all kinds of froufy breakable objects in there and I could see him getting into trouble. Let's just say it took him awhile. Then he stood up and he wasn't going to use any toilet paper. It was hidden in some sort of decorative urn, but that is no excuse! So I start shouting, "Henry, Henry, what are you doing" as he slowly moved to pull up his underwear. I reached out to grab him by the waist and gently assist him back down onto the seat and as I did this my watch popped off and landed in the toilet bowl. Christ on Crack! I had to fish it out with a baggie, and put it in another baggie (stockpiled in my purse, thank you very much), but I know the watch will have to be trashed. I just haven't done the deed yet.
    1. Yes I am using subheadings. Deal. Here are the facts about the watch. The watch was a Timex Easy Reader that I had had since High School. It was cheap, but I really liked it.
    2. I had recently purchased some cute grosgrain ribbon watchbands on ebay to wear with the watch because the band, also from high school, had broken.
    3. When changing to said ribbon bands, one of the metal arms the holds the bands went flying across the room requiring an emergency trip to Target where I was given the replacements for free.
    4. My "good" watch is in Houston for the second time this summer having the numerals on its dial reattached which is why the Easy Reader came out of the jewelry box and met with its sad end.

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Jen14221 said...

"Christ on Crack!" is an awesome phrase! May I borrow it?