Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mommy, I scared!

  1. Lucy woke up shortly after falling asleep tonight, and she just kept repeating, "I scared. I scared, Mommy. It dark." Fortunately she didn't seem all that scared, and she was able to be soothed with a diaper change, and a reading of Goodnight Gorilla. Even though she was far from terrified it was still kind of heart breaking to hear her express fear like that.
  2. Speaking of heartbreaking (or heartbreakingly funny), Lucy has started barking like a dog, and panting all the time. But she still carries her two stuffed kitties around everywhere like they are here babies, so I don't know what is up with that.

As an aside, the latest migraine remedy, which is only sort of working, seems to be making me very spacey, and it makes it really hard to recall all the stuff that went wrong everyday. I know I spilled most of a box of cereal all over the floor the other day, but by the end of the day I didn't have any other details to go with it. I have been in touch with the neurologists office, and have been assured that this is just normal adjustment and if it doesn't go away soon I should call them back. Until them my posting may be a little more sporadic than normal, but you all can just pretend I am at a cybercafe in my true home of Amsterdam.

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