Saturday, August 26, 2006

Failure to disappear

  1. The baby bunny is back. I admit, I knew it was trouble from the start, but because it was so little and cute I didn't react the way I do when I see its full-grown relatives around. I usually open the window and say, "hey, baby bunny, you don't live here." The thing is, maybe it does. I have been accepting my losses gracefully until today when I noticed that it had messed with one of my Clematis. Not the one I thought I killed, which has recovered quite well, but another one, pictured above. It had eaten its way across the base of the plant, essentially giving the above ground portion a death sentence. I took action. I had decided that plant needed a new home anyway because it wasn't getting enough sun, so I dug the entire thing up, and managed to move it, trellis and all, because bb didn't get every single vine. So before lunch time it had a new home in a sunnier spot not favored by bb. I may even see a bud or two before frost.
  2. Henry was very disappointed today because he was trying to do a magic trick. He constructed a magic wand out of Magnetix then put a towel over a toy Mini Cooper. Then he tried a series of magic words including classics like Abracadabra, but also something like Ony mony pepperoni. Then he called out to me, "Mama, my magic trick is never going to work. I made a wand, put out this towel, and said abracadabra. But it never works. Auuughhh." I tried to explain about magic being sleight of hand and a trick of the eye (I was using the computer to comparison shop for Le Sportsac purses, but I was not out of earshot.) I said it was something people had to learn. He replied, "Oh, Mama, can I visit a magic shop?" And I said, "Let's talk about it when your daddy gets home." This is code for "maybe you will forget and I can move onto your next micro-interest.

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Auntly H said...

Did Henry get to see any of Nick the Magician's tricks at our wedding? Perhaps he just needs a trip to MN. We could coordinate a visit with my young second cousin once removed (or whatever the geneologists call him).