Thursday, August 17, 2006

  1. Lucy did not nap.
  2. I took my children to the playground since it was going to be a long afternoon. Plus everytime we pass a playground it seems they would like to stop and play, but this time when we arrived neither wanted to do very much.
  3. Henry did a little playing, kind of just to show me that, "hey mom, look, I can play here."
  4. Lucy just kicked at the dirt under the swings, threw woodchips at Henry, refused to climb on anything, swing on anything, or slide down anything.
  5. When I finally convinced them that maybe it was time to go and we were walking towards the car Henry took off running. I called his name and asked him to stop. He kept going.
  6. He reached the edge of the parking lot. Stopped. Looked both ways.
  7. Then the little pain in the butt ran right across the parking lot and up to the van.
  8. I know I should be grateful that he stopped and looked both ways, like maybe I have managed to teach him something, but I was so furious. I also know that I should have probably picked up Lucy and ran with her after him, but I kept thinking, "of course he will stop, he's not insane is he?" Plus we were right next to the town pool and I was calling his name, and he didn't hear me but I know a million other people did, and of course if he had gotten hurt my embarrassment would have meant nothing but it didn enter into my head.
  9. He just does whatever he wants and all I can do is my best to prepare him to look both ways before he runs out into the road.

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Auntly H said...

OMG, he's getting so old! He has it together enough to look both ways even while blatently ignoring your request. Did he turn into a teenager over night?
I think this is evidence of your excellent parenting.