Sunday, August 27, 2006

Everyday is like Sunday

  1. Lucy did not nap.
  2. We tried to be good parents. We thought hey, let's get the kids some fresh air, and take them out for a walk. Each child had a big wheel. Henry is too proficient and kept trying take off. Lucy doesn't know how to pedal yet and needed to be pushed by me via the oversized handle at the back. The handle on her big wheel is intended for a person of about 4'9", so I was getting a backache the whole time. Plus it pulls to the right. I kept thinking, this is supposed to be fun. I see other people do it everyday, and they appear to be enjoying themselves. What is wrong with us?
  3. After the walk we were playing in the yard. The kids spotted a butterfly and tried to chase it around the back of the house with great enthusiasm until Lucy stepped in a huge puddle, got mad, and then sat down in an even bigger puddle. So I brought her in for a late afternoon bath. Afterwards she kept repeating, "Butterfly, flowers, shoes." That part was cute.
  4. For some unknown reason both kids screamed through dinner which earned them both unnusually early bedtimes. And now except for the burned Dutch oven I have to contend with, there is peace in the house.

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