Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Welcome Visitors Return

Spring has finally arrived. Last Friday I was excited to see a Rose-breasted Grossbeak land on my bird feeder. The Grossbeak was followed a few days later by the return of the Baltimore Orioles. I have seen as many as three at a time this year. Last, not a sign of spring but fun nonetheless, we have seen a wild Turkey in the early morning the past few days. Yesterday they were all visiting at the same time so I tried to take some pictures.

That's the grossbeak on the tray feeder and the oriole on the suet.
(Hint: click on the pictures for a slightly better view.)

While I am not usually a fan of Andrew Bird (get it the tie in?), but he too has been welcome since I have been playing one song from his latest record nearly non-stop. Check it out. Andrew Bird - "Imitosis"


Auntly H said...

Hooray for the return of your winged friends!

And Andrew Bird (yes, nice tie-in)... do I sense a shift in your opinion of the Righteous Babe artists?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

A turkey? That's so cool.

Do you think he's 80 proof or 100 proof?

Emsmom said...

Great bird pics! I'm so jealous of your wider variety.

I'm glad you liked at least one of the Andrew Bird songs--"Imitosis" is my favorite too, my introduction to him was "My Skin Is" and I love that one as well. An acquired taste, but not for everyone.He is no longer with Righteous Babe.