Thursday, May 10, 2007

Avian Visitors Continue to Arrive

I think this may be my favorite time of year. Today two more birds arrived, and one, the red-headed woodpecker, was a first time visitor. Generally our hummingbirds start arriving around Memorial Day, so this was a bit early.I did not take either of these pictures because the hummingbirds are too skittish and the Red-headed woodpecker was too far away.

In other bird-related news Lucy had gone to sleep with a little bird toy in her bed, and the belly section had become completely tangled in her hair this morning
so the toy had to be cut out with scissors. She woke up saying, "Mommy, get bird out of hair, pleease!"

By the time M.I.A.'s new CD is available for purchase most of the backyard birds will no longer be giving me the time of day, but here's a little something to tide us over until then.
M.I.A - "Bird Flu"

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

Can we get pictures of Lucy's hair?