Wednesday, May 16, 2007

General Crumminess

1. I was concerned that Lucy's walking pneumonia had returned, but it was just massive constipation. Don't ask me how I confused the two.
2. Henry's folliculitus has returned but I have been to overwhelmed to do anything about it. As long as it doesn't look like chicken pox, nobody gets hurt.
3. A bunny ate portions of one of my favorite new plants and then just left the evidence there, as if the plant wasn't even worth chewing once bitten. OK, Bunny, then why did you keep chewing after the first bite?
4. I bought a replacement corded phone today and learned upon setting it up that the only thing wrong with the "broken" phone was that it wasn't plugged in.
5. The Sabres. Another game tonight. This series is killing me, and everyone else in town. They will seriously need to put Prozac in the water supply if we lose tonight.
6. I went to the doctor today and learned that I am vulnerable to mumps. Hmph.
7. We are supposed to go see Tapes 'n tapes tomorrow but Ticketmaster has still failed to deliver the tickets. Cary has instructed me "not to worry" and to schedule the sitters like we planned. I can't help wondering how we're going to get into the concert.
8. I just read that Violent Femmes are coming back to Thursday in the Square this year either things are getting pretty weak for Gordon Gano and co., or they actually enjoyed that particular gig.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Mumps? Really? Aren't we all immunized against mumps?

Auntly H said...

LHM, we were all immunized, but in x% of the population, it didn't quite take so you have to get a booster. If I remember that right... My OBGYN had me tested just in case we decide to make my mom really, really happy. Lucky for me, my childhood shot worked. Sorry, Em.