Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I have this blog

1. So last night Cary and I headed out to see Tapes 'n Tapes (from Minneapolis!) at Mohawk Place. Ladyhawk was the opening act. I had lots of comments to make, but now all I will say is this. I love going to Mohawk Place, I do. But I think if they know one of the major components of their sound system is broken they should fix it, especially when an act that you want to come back again is in town.

The only band uglier than Ladyhawk is Vietnam. Ladyhawk had a guy planted in the audience throughout the show playing the tambourine. I've never seen anything quite like it before. We missed the opening act, which was supposed to be Harlem Shakes, but I think was someone else, namely Mr. strange tambourine guy. Because he and another guy got on stage for Ladyhawk's last, best, and most Sebadoh-esqe song, "My Old Jacknife."

The crowd was kind of lame but at least no one yelled out "Let's go Buffalo" like they did the last two times I've been to the Town Ballroom. Sometimes I hate living here.

2. I dragged myself out of bed this morning and got Henry off to school as usual, even on little sleep. Lucy and I were about to head to the gym, then I was going to drop her of at my mom's so I could work uninterrupted on some pitches for my stymied freelance writing. I got into the car and noticed that all of the interior lights were on.

Two hours, two visits from AAA, and $120 later, I had a new battery and a working car. Apparently one of us had left the interior light on last night in our post-concert fatigue. This little debacle systematically undid all the fun I had last night.

3. I've got a new review up on Venuszine. You can read it here.

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Auntly H said...

So did Cary have a surprise up his sleeve or was it just that the tickets finally showed up?

p.s. the way I here it, Tapes n Tapes got their start at the Turf Club (a mere 2.5 blocks from our house). Of course, we're too lame to have seen them when no one knew who they were.