Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother's Little Helpers

1. Went to see the neuro today. I don't get to go off any of my migraine meds yet because, unfortunately, I am still getting headaches. Post-nasal drip, stress, and anemia be damned! So now I am going to up my dosage of one of the little pills, plus take some more iron. I may take some Claritin too, to help with the drippiness. I wanted to take fewer pills after this visit, not more. But hopefully that day is coming. I don't go back until September though, so until then I may need to go by one of those massive day-of-the-week A.M./P.M. pill organizers with an alarm on it to keep everything straight. I feel like a I should get a senior citizen's discount as well.

2. Both kids said things today that made me laugh out loud. First, Henry asked me for a slice of ham when I was making Cary's lunch. Then he said, "Ham is my favorite kind of Turkey, you know." Then when I was waiting for coffee at the drive-thru, drumming my fingers on the steering wheel to a song by the Veils, Lucy said, "Stop dancing mommy! I'm trying to sneeze." That's the kind of help I really need to get through the day.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oh my god, ham IS the best kind of turkey. That explains everything.

Auntly H said...

I'm still puzzling on the relationship between your "dancing" and Lucy's sneezes. Maybe I'm stuck because too much German grammar gave me a headache every. day. this week. Ow! But, the test is done and I'm finally feeling better. I heart Eiskaffee!