Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's just the beginning

of things going wrong in the garden.

Here are a few early season notes:

1. One of my irises is being devoured by slugs. I think this is unfair. It's too early in the season for pests. It's rainy and 46 degrees today. And who has ever heard of slugs eating irises? I think this particular plant is going to get trashed anyway. This is its second home in my yard and it must not have decent drainage because it is not flourishing the way I would like.

2. It has not been a great year for daffodils in general because of the cold. But I noticed something. I have planted smaller varieties in front of my larger varieties hoping for a layered look. Unfortunately they don't seem to be blooming at the same time, while the very similar looking miniature daffodils up the street bloomed three weeks ago. Grrr. I am not ripping them out.

3. My mom and I planted some seeds during the winter. Unfortunately one of the containers I used had an aluminum bottom, and it has not retained water at all. The soil is bone dry while the other four are like little terrariums, and look like they may be hospitable to life. I can only hope my mom's coral star Columbine faired better.

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

Pretty iris. Makes me want someone to tell me an allegory.