Friday, April 27, 2007

Hodge Podge

1. My little brother (ok, little brother-in-law Randy, not Ethan) has a CD coming out. And since most of my regular readers, population= 5, better known as the Buffalo-DC-Vienna axis, have met Randy, I thought I would mention that the CD release party for Let's French's debut, Victory, is May 19th at the Black Cat in DC. Sadly I will not be in attendance, but maybe some of you locals want to check it out. Wondering what they sound like?

2. Recently I was pleased, thinking years of subscribing to Magnet magazine finally paid off when my promo CD arrived and it was the new Dinosaur Jr. CD, Beyond, a full week or so before the official release. I was not going to buy it, but I was also not going to look for other means to acquire it because if a project involves Lou Barlow either I get it legitimately or not at all. But I have never really forgiven J. Mascis for mistreating Lou (I'm that friend who secretly fumes when you take back the lousy boyfriend), so I didn't want to give J. my money either. But after listening two it a couple of times I think free was just about right. Did they always sound like a nebulous classic rock band? Lou's songs are fine, but what was he thinking allowing that terrible picture of himself in front of Stonehenge? Couldn't someone Photoshop out the zits? I'm glad I didn't spend any money on it. I'm still waiting to feel like I come out ahead on the Magnet freebie CD.

Correction: The lousy picture of Lou actually appears in the magazine, not inside the CD, if anybody cares. I still think they should have done something about the zits on his chin.

3. Yesterday Henry got off the bus, along with the boy across the street, B. B was crying because he had been bitten by another child. The child bit through B's windbreaker and turtleneck and the bite broke the skin. This varmint of a Kindergartener has bullied both Henry and B before and B's mother and I had discussed how the "next time" we would take action. I felt terrible that "next time" turned out to be so painful.

4. I just got done paying over $500 to get Cary's car to pass inspection.

5. I let Lucy take a musical microphone with her at nap time. Do you think she'll sleep?

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Auntly H said...

Randy's a rock star? Ahhh, I knew him when (he was on his way to the prom). I hope the album does well.

Bullies biting through layers of clothing brings homeschooling to mind. Not that I'm in favor of that, but jeez!