Monday, April 09, 2007

This blog has a soundtrack!

I never have to worry that I am ever the only one having a bad day, or stay down in the dumps for too long. I just pop in Of Montreal's exquisite newish record, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, and remember three things:

1. Kevin Barnes who singlehandedly wrote most of the songs on the record, was consistently having like the worst day ever, again and again, but that didn't stop him from writing some of the most creative songs about his deteriorating mental health that I have ever heard, and setting his lyrics to upbeat, ever changing music.

2. It's impossible to feel bad while listening to this record in spite of the subject matter. Both of the children love it(they have no idea what it's about) and we all dance and sing along.

3. Of Montreal is one of those bands I knew about but never really liked. Which is why I just got the record even though it came out in January -- it took three separate rave reviews to convince me to give it a whirl. It goes to show that you never really know what the future holds -- even though it's a small event, that a band I never liked could evolve and release a record destined to be a household classic leaves me feeling strangely hopeful, like anything is possible.

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