Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No Joakim', No Foolin' around -- stuff went wrong

1. Not only did Cary fail to win the Best Pool Ever by the narrowest of margins, losing for the second year in a row to Mommy at Work's Dad (Grampa at Work?), but my enjoyment of the game was interrupted by Lucy. Lucy woke up screaming at about 10:30 and really didn't go back to sleep for good until 1:00 a.m., so I went from happily drinking a beer with Cary, watching our hope of winning 30 odd bottles of good wine slip away, to sitting in a darkened room with a cranky 3 year old reading the books that I have already memorized because I didn't want to turn on any lights.

2. Yesterday I spent more than an hour pointlessly hooking up my parents web cam and signing up for Skype in an effort to be able to chat with Auntlyh while she and her lovely husband are in Vienna. I say pointless because I cannot figure out how to make it work for the life of me. I suspect it has something to do with the microphone not being properly configured, but it will have to wait for a day where I have more patience because it caused the computer to crash, and I am too sleepy to sort through it all now.

3. I saw a reporter from Vanity Fair magazine on the Today Show this morning espousing the argument that all women should work and put their kids in day care because 40% of those women will get divorced. She said something like, "you women who stay home are taking such a gamble that your husband will die or divorce you. It's really dangerous." Umm, going to Iraq is dangerous. Getting married is sometimes not the best idea, but I wouldn't call it dangerous. And I personally have no problem with day care, or with my friends who have chosen to use it. I do, however, have a problem with that kind of logic. Why didn't she just say, "Twentysomething young ladies, don't even marry, you are taking such a risk! Don't Kiss Him -- He Might Have Cooties!!!" Talk about an agoraphobic way of living your life and so unhelpful.

I tried to look up the article on Vanity Fair's website, so I could refer to her by her name, but no luck -- maybe it will come out next month.

4. One good thing did happen. If you go here you can read another review by me at venuszine.com. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

There's a new book out called The Feminine Mistake by Leslie Bennetts which kind of covers the working versus staying home issue, economic security, etc. Perhaps that's what they were talking about on the Today Show?


Em said...

Yay Megan! Leave it to a librarian to figure it out! That's it.

Which explains why it wasn't on the website. She went on book leave. I wonder if she got COBRA health care coverage while on book leave, otherwise it might be a dangerous choice to be making leaving her job and all.