Friday, March 30, 2007

Rocking on the outskirts of Buffalo

Tonight I went out on the town with my mom (and dad) and never even left the suburbs, yikes.

Doesn't outskirts make it sound more dangerous? I'm going to start telling people I live on Buffalo's outskirts.

First my parents and I had dinner at a fairly new Japanese restaurant that was both crowded and served decent sushi. Though the jury is still out on the sushi -- there is still a chance it could receive a failing grade by tomorrow. Then my mom and I dropped my dad like a bad habit, sorry Dad, and headed to a concert.

My Brightest Diamond opened the show, and we were greeted not by the Shara Worden that we have grown to know from watching Sufjan Stevens on Austin City Limits over and over, but by something else all together. She has about twenty million different personalities and I think we saw them all in her 30 minute set. I think she must only be about ninety pounds, which by comparison makes me pretty sure that I could take Sufjan in a fist fight (Not that I have designs on the man, I'm just sayin'). I would have liked 15 more minutes with Shara and her band, even when things got a little weird she was still adorable.

Then The Decemberists graced the stage for close to two hours. I learned several things I not know about the band. First, Colin Meloy is much more the showman than I would have guessed from his morbid lyrics. He seemed downright giddy at times which made me like the band a little more than I thought I did. Also, the Decemberists have legions of young female fans in the Greater Buffalo area who gathered at the edge of the stage and danced and sang like it was, I don't know, a rock concert or something -- not what I was expecting from a band whose instrumentation features accordion, twelve string acoustic guitar, and hurdy gurdy.

As always when I go to a concert now I am stunned by the number of people texting each other during the show. SO RUDE! Colin can see you girls!!! Hmm. Maybe that was part of the point?