Monday, March 12, 2007

What Will Go Wrong...Bracketology Comes Undone Again

I know as a mother a person is bound to give up a lot of things, but I wasn't counting on my tournament of 64 mojo as one of the things my kids were going to rob from me. I was never a tournament superstar of Mommy at Work's ilk, winning cases of Champagne, but I held my own and preserved my dignity.

After Henry's arrival 6 years ago I seem to have lost my touch, and can no longer hope to find myself in the upper quartile at the end of the pool. What's worse is that I am actually home during the day to watch those first four days of non-stop basketball action, but the children won't let me. Oh, the humanity!

I should explain, I don't follow college basketball at all during the year. Nor do I do any reading to help me make my picks. So it isn't that my kids have robbed me of the time to keep up with a beloved hobby. No they have sucked my brain dry of its ability to concentrate on the random, the fun, and the unnecessary. I will just have to console myself with the thought that Florida and Joakim Noah could have another long run. I know Auntly H and I will be checking for his Daddy in the stands.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Wine Pool! Wine Pool!

Fluke don't fail me now!

Auntly H said...

Sigh.... for just a glimpse of Yannic!

JSEllenberg said...

All Terrapins, baby, you read it here first.