Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's gotta be a pony in here somewhere...

1. Yesterday started off as Henry burst into tears because I removed the "top crust" of his toast, in addition to all other sides. He tried to convince me to make the toast again, but because the bus was coming in precisely 4 minutes he begrudgingly agreed to eat it.

2. Lucy cried for 40 minutes in the afternoon because Henry was using the computer. When I tried to play Chutes and Ladders with her she continued to move her pieces all over the board making free use of the chutes or ladders when it wasn't her turn. When I tried to play Candyland with her she would only move to spaces that were green because she had chosen a green game piece.

3. The dude at the vintage furniture store blew me off for the third time. We bought a Heywood Wakefield Buffet from him on October 13th and he still hasn't delivered it. No wonder his delivery fee is so cheap.

4. After dinner Lucy said her stomach hurt. She had diarrhea.

5. As a result of Lucy being sick were unable to bring ourselves to eat a second slice of the amazing apple caramel pie that he bought on Sunday from Butterwood.

6. And Lucy missed her Halloween party at pre-school today, plus finally a chance to go to her friend Macy's house.

7. The pony in the pile of manure, I mean, our new buffet, was delivered this morning. Here is a picture. Oh, and Henry got his toast with the top crust, so maybe we've turned our luck around.

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

ooh, pretty buffet!

Emsmom said...

The buffet is gorgeous!

At first I thought you had gotten a picture of the pie from a Butterwood website, then I recognized your table runner. It is just as yummy today, so you can still enjoy it...thanks for sharing.

Anne said...

a) LOVE the buffet! LOVE IT!! Jealous!

b) OMG that pie looks amazing. I have been hungry-but-nothing-sounds-good for about 6 days, and now I realize that the solution might be pie.

c) what's "top crust" on toast? does he like it burnt? or is it the end piece of the bread turned upside-down and toasted? Henry is a gourmand.

5 of 9er said...

Now that's a full day. :)