Monday, October 01, 2007

Distasteful Craigslist Experience

Anyone else have have a really bad time with something on Craigslist?

Here's what just happened to me:

Friday I saw a dining room set in Rochester that I loved. But it had a hutch that Cary said we didn't need, and when he checked in with the guy to see if he would split the set up the guy said no.
Then last night the set was back up, the guy was Mr. Flexible because he didn't realize that the table top was veneer until a buyer told him so. He agreed over the phone to sell us the set, (we were going to take the hutch and donate it -- that was Cary's idea) but since it was 80 miles away we couldn't get it until Saturday. He offered to take less money. So Cary offered him $50 less.

He just wrote me to tell me that he got a full price offer from the first people so he decided to sell it to them and we were out of luck. He noted that we might have changed our minds on Saturday, so oh well.

But here's the thing -- I really wanted this stupid furniture. I felt so good last night, like something was going right, and now, well, I'm left feeling empty, with nothing but some good blog post material.

Now I am left with my same crappy table with the ripped chair, and no idea when I will be able to replace it, plus I am more wary than ever of finding something through Craigslist which is the only way we can really justify the expense.

Update: I am not alone, by all means check out the link LHM left in the comment area.


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Did you read P-man's problems with Craigslist?


What about Goodwill or Salvation Army? Aunt Bob has some great stuff from Salvation Army.

Auntly H said...

I'm with P-man. I tried to give some pretty good stuff away when I moved in with E'Yoak. People were super interested. We couldn't arrange a time when they would come to see/get it. Noon on a weekday seemed to be the only time they were interested in stopping by. I was flexible, but not willing to use up my PTO for the louts.

Anne said...

I have no distasteful Craigslist experience to share, but I sure am going to add a keyword to my blog for "lying sacks of shit"!!