Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Drive Gone Wrong

1. Cary suggested we go pick up some apple cider at the Water Mill today. He was sure that he had read in the Amherst Bee that it was open. When we arrived it was closed. We picked up a spare copy of the Bee and confirmed that the hours were yesterday during the Farmer's Market.

2. We decided to stop by Clayton's toys to kill a little time and then drive to Ziggy's for lunch. No less than five minutes after we arrived Lucy peed all over herself.

3. So I gingerly escorted the poor child to the car, and we drove straight home where she refused a bath, so I was forced to give her a shower and attempt not to get too wet myself.

I've got a new review up on Venuszine, finally.

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JSE said...

This is why you should never go anywhere more than fifteen minutes from your house.

Em said...

Or if we do venture out as afield as we were (twenty minutes!) we definitely need a typed itinerary and a change of clothing.

Anne said...

Did she make you change your underwear too?