Wednesday, June 28, 2006


  1. Swimming. Henry did better at swimming lessons today, as compared to Monday. But he has to go through the boys locker room alone to reach the pool. When it was time to leave and he failed to come out I got a little worried. I tried to peer in the locker room, and I saw him run by. I yelled his name and he came out. No towel. No sandals. He said, "I took a shower." When he agreed to go back in for them it became apparent that he had showered with his towel.
  2. Locks. Henry has become fascinated with locks. He is constantly playing with the door lock in the car even though I have repeatedly asked him not to. Today he locked the downstairs bathroom door and closed it behind him, locking it. The release switch on the door knob was not working. After about 30 minutes of trying I called my dad, who suggested I use a screw driver to open it. I did open it, but only because the little screwdriver was small enough to push the latch in.
  3. Big Mess. I sent Henry to his room after the door incident. While he was up there he systematically removed all of the boxes containing his old shoes from the top shelf of his closet and I found them strewn about the room, with the tissue paper everywhere, and those little bags of dessicant (do not eat!) on the carpet. He did help me clean up and then cleaned up the family room too, so all is now forgiven. And the rest of the day was fine until he poured water on his comforter while Cary was home with him (I was at golf lessons, but that will have to wait for another post).

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Updates ...

  1. The mystery rash is gone. Although I kind of miss Henry on Benardryl.
  2. My appointment with the neurologist resulted in a couple of new kinds of medication. The doctor doesn't seem to think they are true migraines because they aren't severe enough. Hurrah?! They are "migrainous" in nature. He also doesn't think the headaches are caused by anything more severe than my poor sleep habits. Hurrah!
  3. Rather than apologizing for neglecting to give me a referral, the receptionist at my primary care doc's office informed me that "they did it for me this time, but they just can't keep up with everyone's different types of insurance, so I was in charge of requesting my own referrals." Soon I will be requesting a new doctor.
  4. Cary is on the phone with our friend's son, Aidan, while Aidan is doing the Macarena. Aidan and Henry both learned the Macarena in pre-school today, but somehow Henry failed to mention that when he came home, although he did say it was "the greatest day of his life."
  5. I just sliced through a gigantic slug that was eating one of my Rosy Returns daylilies. (Sorry Bshanmac).
  6. We had a baby Cardinal in our yard tonight.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just when I thought there was nothing to post ...

  1. I saw my fourteen year old neighbors creating a bonfire out of their school work in their back yard. While not something that went wrong, it just is wrong.
  2. I spent most of the day watching the kids, which was fine. When it was finally Cary's turn to take over I went out to spend some well earned quiet time in the garden only to get caught in a major downpour. This did have the advantage of putting out the aforementioned bonfire.
  3. A plunger was required to completely dispose of the contents of Lucy's diaper.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

  1. The mystery rash is still present and has migrated to Henry's face and the backs of his elbows. The nurse at his doctor's office didn't seem too concerned about it, so we are just hoping that Benadryl takes care of it.
  2. Henry went to get dressed today and had no clean underwear because I had forgotten to collect his dirty clothes on Friday when I did laundry.
  3. So I don't know for sure because I didn't actually see it, but I think Deer visited us in the night and knocked down my Goldfinch feeder and made it all sticky with their yucky deer spit. Gross!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Yeah, it was one for the ages today ...

  1. I slept late which was good because of the aforementioned insomnia. Then I ran around like crazy so I could get everything done in time to go on some errands with the kids and my mom which I was really looking forward to. So maybe it is lame to look forward to errands, but so be it. My mom drives and the kids are locked in their car seats and we chat and I drink coffee, and it is pretty relaxing. However, we never went on the errands because Henry had some kind of weirdo rash that my mom noticed while in the car. It required a phone call to the doctor, benadryl, and a baking soda bath. But it really is no big deal, except that I spent the next third of my day treating it.
  2. I had another migraine. I am now out of my drug of choice for these headaches.
  3. I got a call from my neurologist's office reminding me of my appointment on Tuesday (like I would forget). The computer that was placing the call mentioned that I would need to bring several things to the appointment, including a referral from my doctor. I have been waiting for three months to go to this appointment to talk about my headaches, and my stupid, idiotic primary care physician set me up with an appointment (that the neurologist has already cancelled and re-scheduled twice) but didn't give me a referral!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

  1. I woke up with a migraine. Medication came to the rescue -- again.
  2. Apparently for no reason, Henry had a bloody nose. "It's no use Mommy. It's never going to stop."
  3. I pinched Lucy's hand with the car seat buckle resulting in her screaming for five minutes. Then later she bumped into the bannister, more screaming followed. I am beginning to notice a trend here. Let's hope Lucy doesn't get hurt tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What went wrong:
  1. Henry threw his perfectly clean towel in my in-laws swimming pool.
  2. He also inadvertantly stepped on an issue of Cooking Light that I had left on the floor, and managed to rip out about four pages.
  3. I can't figure out how to make the pictures go with the text they refer too.

What went right:
  1. My William Guiness Columbines are starting to bloom a little bit late, but still very exciting. Also, I saw a Cedar Waxwing in my front yard today.
  2. My Sufjan Stevens review went up on ampcamp and you can read it here
  3. Fish Tacos from previously referenced Cooking Light were totally great.
  1. Our dryer eats anything I put into it with a string, like a hooded sweatshirt or drawstring pants. Today it devoured the new pillow shams, which have ties for some stupid reason, even though I carefully hid them by turning the shams inside out before drying. I am not sure whether the dryer, the shams or both were designed by an idiot.
  2. Henry was put in time out at gym care for saying the words "stupid" and "idiot."
  3. I bumped Lucy in the face with a book by accident when putting her to bed, and the only suitable way to remedy her injury was to profusely apologize and read two more books to her.
  4. Joetaco let me down, and reviewed the new Frank Black record himself, so Cary had to buy it on This will inevitably generate future posts.
  5. I have insomnia, which is probably the only way this blog will continue to be updated.