Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cary!

Now you're as old as I am. I hope you like your presents because you are getting really hard to buy for.

1. Conversation between Henry and me this morning:

H: How old is daddy?
E: 36
H: But you're older, right?
E's brain: thanks, kid
E: No, now daddy and I are the same age.
H: (Looking serious) Are you going to die soon?
E: No, honey, I'm perfectly fine. You don't have anything to worry about.
E's brain: Jesus Christ!
H: Because people don't die until they are in their 90s, right?
E: That's right, honey.
H: Or if they are really old and sick, right?
E: That's right. 36 is still really young.
E's brain: Isn't it? Who told this kid about death? It wasn't me!
H: That's right, Mom.

2. I forgot to put Henry's half completed math homework in his back pack so I had to drive it over to the school. I always feel like the know me there. I hope I'm not the only mom that does stuff like what feels like at least twice a month.

3. I got called for jury duty again, six months after being called and excused. They called me once under my legal name and once under what would be my married name, if that person existed. This is what happens when you don't take your husband's name. I'm looking at you LHM and Auntlyh. Apparently it might continue to happen on into the future, so the nice person on the other end of the line advised me to photocopy the summons and make a note of how we handled it "just in case."

4. I had some musical stuff to say. Jonah quit the band The Blow, so now it's just the girl, whose name I am too lazy to look up. I'm pretty sure that will make their records suck from now on, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. But the girl, whatever her name is, Khaela, will certainly be wondering where her friends are now, won't she. (Except no one gets the reference because you all don't really get into those mp3s. Thassok. Maybe mp3s don't fit the DC-Vienna-Bflo axis deomographic.) Also, Cary and I are going to see Voxtrot on Sunday night. Again, they are a band. I won't bother posting a track. Too bad the album is boring. I loved the EPs. It got trashed by Pitchfork too, so you can be there were some tears in the practice room over that one. Then we are going to Mary Timony on Tuesday. Her CD was also very mediocre, but I am so excited to see her live. I will report back. I know all of you will be dying for the details.

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

I've been called to jury duty more than anyone I know, name change or not. I got summoned once in the Distict, and twice in VA - but was excused the second time because it had been less than two years since I was last called to serve.

I don't mind it, actually. I think it's my civic duty, and I find it interesting, except that the whole time I feel like I'm a huge sucker.