Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fragile, like an eggshell... I'm mad as hell

So last night Cary and I went to see The Mary Timony band. We used to see Mary's old band Helium play all the time when we lived in Boston, so more than wanting to hear the new album, I was excited to see her play live again.

Mary looks pretty much as I remember her, though the v. cute navy Tretorns were a new addition. Cary said hello, reminded her how he used to play tennis with her old beau, Ash, who also played bass in Helium (and Polvo) phenomenally well. She had no memory of Cary, which makes sense because I think we met her once. But hey, you gotta be friendly when people come to B-lo.

I thought I remembered reading that her drummer had been in Fugazi. As a whole the band was incredibly tight. It was great to see Mary, who had always seemed so inhibited on stage, totally rocking the guitar solos, and then throwing in these little flourishes, like a kick. Then she would kind of smile like, "hey, I am rocking out." She also kept shaking out her hand after the solos, like it had gotten really worn out from playing so much.

And while the audience didn't piss me off which was nice there were like no other women at the show. Which means it was nothing but the creepy freaks who secretly worship Mary and probably drive her nuts at all the gigs.

This video is a little old, from the Helium days, but it shows off JP, where I used to live in Boston, really well.

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