Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There were people and girls and beers and hair, but there was no one that I wanted to be near.

Just a few comments about the Voxtrot concert on Sunday. The lead singer, Ramesh Srivastava, announced he had a "terrible cold" and then later mentioned that he had a "fever" and said "three of us will be leaving at 6 a.m. to fly to Austin for a funeral tomorrow." He mentioned this after telling us what a great audience we were. And I thought: Worst Audience Ever. The "Hey, Look at Me" dancers were out of control, vying for my personal space wherever I moved.

The best part of the night was when some mom came in and demanding to retrieve her kid and he looked about eleven. A true all ages show. But it wasn't the younger members of the audience that were obnoxious, most of the worst offenders should have known better. I think they need to get out more.

In spite of the illness, Ramesh sounded OK, though having to follow Favourite Sons singer Ken Griffin, who has an incredible voice, would be tough on anyone.

Fortunately Voxtrot didn't just play stuff from the new record. They played one brand new song that isn't on the album, which was pretty good. And what the hell, I'm going to give them some advice: you guys aren't an angry band. No one wants to hear you sing songs with the words "conflict" or "blood" in them again. Stick with what you know and you'll change anyway. You are frighteningly young.

I think this is the first time I have seen a band where all of the members are easily younger than my 23-year-old brother. And definitely the first time I have seen a band where the bass player looks like the spawn of Rowan Atkinson.

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