Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Went Wrong: The Kitten Edition

Last week my parents adopted two male Ragdoll kittens after losing their cat Jezzie to cancer earlier last month. We adopted Jezzie from the SPCA when I was in high school and Ethan was about Henry's age. I think she was just shy of her nineteenth birthday. Unfortunately I don't have any digital pictures of her, but she was an affectionate cat who practically never caused my parents a minute of worry (except for the time she spent the night outside under the deck), but I digress. I just feel a little sad plastering the entry with these kitten pictures without saying a few words about Jezzie first.

I had trouble getting a good picture of the kitten on the left because he never stops moving, but not as much trouble as my parents have had giving these cats names! As I type supposedly the kitten on the left is Sug (short for Sugar Ray) and the kitten on the right is Mo (short for nuthin'). My mom was originally going to call Mo Moby, but that didn't seem right. I liked it for the 1990s silly pop-rock connotations. Then she was going to name him Balboa, since Sug is named after Sugar Ray Leonard (my parents don't even like boxing, but the name suits him). But my dad couldn't remember the names. He kept calling the kitten on the left Stubby and the kitten on the right Twoey because Stubby has a stubby body and we got Twoey second. Yeah. And you thought stuff went wrong at my house.

My mom won't leave the house yet because the Mo cries when he is in his room (my old room), and she can't leave them to their own devices yet for fear they will scuffle. So today I got to stay with them for an hour or so. Kitten sitting beats the pants off chasing my kids around, that's for sure.

My mom hasn't had a decent night's sleep in a week, and when we are on the phone, I hear her yelling, "No. Stop that! Oh, I gotta go." It is as if she has created an animal bizarro world where kittens are infants but neither of my parents is truly up for the pace of caring for an infant for too long (neither am I, really), so I hope things settle down soon. We miss you, Jezzie.


Lara said...

I got a good laugh out of "and when we are on the phone, I hear her yelling, No. Stop that! Oh, I gotta go."! I thought my mother was the only one that acted like her pets are two year olds that are getting ready to set the house on fire. The kitties are very cute and I know they will enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!

Remember our mutual friend Stacy K.? Her sweet golden retriever (R.I.P.) was named "twoey" because on the same day they got the puppy they got an Apple IIe computer. I always loved that!

Anonymous said...

oh ... that previous message was from Anne.

I guess I need to quit posting anonymously.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I don't think I can keep up the infant pace, either. Sigh.

The kitten are too cute! So does this make Sufi their aunt? Or are these kittens Sufi's aunt/uncle? This is so confusing.