Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chills, Spills, and Bellyaches

Our household has been sick for what seems like forever, but has only been about two weeks. Here is a sampling of what went wrong during that time:

1. I dropped and cracked open an entire container of Ocean Spray cranberry juice the day after I had mopped the floor.
2. I kept Henry home from school with a cold on a day it turned out that they cancelled school because it was so cold. Henry chose this day to TURN OFF THE HEAT and not tell anyone. Luckily I noticed it was freezing in the house when it hit about 64 degrees.
3. Henry has been coughing so hard that he has actually thrown up. He is still to young to let you know it is coming, as a result he has vomited in the Party Store, at his Grandmother's dinner table, and all over his coat and shoes.
4. We discovered new spots of folliculitis just as Henry was finishing up the antibiotic, so he may have to visit the doctor again if he continues to break out.

I am happy to report that Henry went back to school today, and while I may suffering from near laryngitis, I don't have to raise my voice at anyone today, so it has been a welcome relief!

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