Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Wasn't Wrong With Henry

In the midst of having my washer and dryer fixed yesterday, by a very competent repairman I learned the following:
1. The deliverymen didn't pull out the shipping pin from the washer so when the drum inside was trying to spin it really couldn't, and all the force was directed into shaking the washer, hence the movement.
2. I needed a new silver tube thingy for my dryer exhaust which he installed for me.
3. The school nurse called to say that she thought Henry had chicken pox! Henry has had the vaccine, so if he had a case it was likely to be mild. Since I was trapped here with the repairman my mom was nice enough to pick him up from school.
4. One short visit to the doctor later, where we were told to enter through a back door and knock on a window to gain entrance, like lepers, the doctor offered a diagnosis. She had to use her magnifying glass to examine the two small spots on his cheeks to confirm that it was actually folliculitis, not chicken pox. This just means he has an infection in two hair follicles, and is not contagious.
5. Then a quick stop to confirm that my in-laws mailbox was indeed empty and I was through with an exhausting day.
Now, to pick up where I left off yesterday, I am off to the gym.

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