Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lucy at a Vegetable!

1. Before I get too excited, this is what she ate. It might only pass as a vegetable on a school lunch menu, and hence technically still qualifies as a www moment.
2. The first ingredient is peas. That is the good news.
3. The bad news is that after each serving I gave her (I lost count) I had to wash my hands because these things are so greasy.
4. Did I mention the first ingredient is peas? That's a green vegetable. Plus she drank apple juice today. So she won't be scorbutic for at least a month!


lumpyheadsmom said...

That SO counts as a green vegetable.

Anonymous said...

Are those like wasabi peas, but in other flavors? I am *so* getting some ... where do you shop?

Also ... did you just pull "scorbutic" out of your head, or did you have to look that one up? v. impressive!


Anonymous said...

Snapea crisps totally rock, and definitely count as a vegetable. Plus, I can't think of a better grease delivery system for a baby.

If it's any consolation, I pretty much didn't eat a green vegetable until I was something like 25, and I managed not to become, uh, scorbutic.

That word totally reveals your fancy degree in nutritional epidemiology.


Jen14221 said...

Congrats on the fried peas. I turned into Mommie Dearest today due to Will's refusal to eat EVEN ONE FRICKING CARROT so I may be buying some of those Snappeas.

Mom at Work said...

I adore these things.