Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am losing count of what went wrong today

  1. I have nearly lost my voice.
  2. I was supposed to go to dinner and out for drinks with a couple of friends tomorrow night, but that is probably not going to happen since it interferes with my 9:30 bedtime.
  3. Henry started complaining of an ear ache last night, just after the doctor's office closed.
  4. Henry had to stay home from school again today.
  5. Henry has an ear infection.
  6. Henry is on his second course of anti-biotics in as many weeks.
  7. Henry's teacher sent home his homework via a neighbor in his class. This is standard practice as if he is going to miss so much vital Kindergarten work that he must not fall behind! Included was what she termed a "fun" counting exercise. I have learned from past experience that the woman does not know fun.
  8. He was required to count out 100 little somethings (popcorn, macaroni etc.) and put them in a baggie, held by a paper bear.
  9. I admit, this was even hard for me. OK, we are both sick, but come on! I would think, was that 28 or 27, and then they would roll away. What a hassle. He can count to 100 without a problem, but when you add keeping track of these little chip thingys, it was not fun at all.
  10. Cary is coming home for 15 minutes and then leaving me for the evening to see Leon Redbone.
  11. I am a little down today.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day!! Not much I can do for you from afar, but I *am* thinking about you...

Can you teach Henry to count out 10 piles of 10? That way the little piles are easier to keep up with, and then you can sort of explain multiplication, too.

Hope your Friday is better!!


Lumpyheadsmom said...

It's 2:30 in the afternoon, and I'm thinking about having a drink. If you have one too, we won't be drinking alone!

Anonymous said...

wait, you're counting crap and cary's at leon redbone? have henry count dorkiness. maybe that'll be more fun. ;)