Friday, January 11, 2008

My iPod, R.I.P.

Today I went into the gym, got ready to start listening to some Ghostland Observatory, only to find my iPod was totally dead. It's not really broken; it just needs a new battery.

I have had my iPod for a mere 695 days. At a cost of $250.00 that breaks down to $2.78 per day. That is a pricey habit. But guess what, I'm going to find a way to keep the fix going.

My mom's iPod gave out at almost exactly the same point in its life. She did some research and learned that if you return your iPod to Apple for a new battery they charge $59 and send you a different iPod back to you in its place. So she went here and bought a battery replacement kit, then she and my dad changed the battery themselves, and it worked like new.

I may well do the same. I will keep you all posted. But for now let me say that being forced to listen to the gym's choice in music, and overhear other people's conversations may well be worth $2.78 a day.

Now playing: Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man


Lumpyheadsmom said...

That's worth at least 5 bucks a day.

Auntly H said...

I'm with LHM. I think I'd give up coffee for my iPod if I had to.

Anne said...

Oh, I changed my iPod battery myself about 4 months ago and it worked *great*. I can't remember if the kit I bought came from that same company that you linked to, but it looks like the same thing.

Easy peasy.

Jen14221 said...

Your math is effed up!
It's only like 40 cents a day!
My ipod's battery dies after 2 years and I took it back to Apple and got the new one for $69.
But now I have an iPhone. And Peter has a nano. We're swimming in i-products.