Monday, January 21, 2008

Yet another long weekend in more ways than one...

1. Lucy has had a cold for the last several days, complaining that her throat and her stomach hurt. She spent most of yesterday on the couch staring at episodes of Sponge Bob with glassy eyes.

2. Cary also spent the latter half of the day in bed because he injured himself moving all his furniture to his new office last weekend. He went to urgent care because he was so uncomfortable, and the doctor there told him that he essentially has an abdominal hernia, though it is not large enough to "concern a surgeon." Cary seems a little better though, because he just left for work.

3. When I woke up the morning I thought the house seemed freezing, and guess what, it was! Our thermostat's batteries had given out during the night, a night where I think it got down to about 3 degrees. When I put in fresh batteries I learned that it was only 52 degrees in the house. But I am really grateful that it was a simple fix like that, and the heat is currently cranked, so we should warm up in no time.

4. I've got a new Trouser Press entry up for Feist. I think this was the first time I have ever written about anyone whose popularity was skyrocketing (iPod commercial, Grammy nominations, numerous mainstream TV appearances) while I wrote.

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Mom at Work said...

The "insidiously catchy" 1234 is currently on my workout mix.

Hope all are feeling well.