Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I need to sleep for a week

1. Yesterday Lucy demanded her first manicure. Actually she asked for "nail goulash," but I think we both knew she meant polish. I think I might have finally figured out a way to keep her from moving.

2. Henry came home from school today and he had apparently refused to finish (or even start) all of his math class work, a small coloring book, and his Weekly Reader activities. So we spent an hour and 45 minutes on homework today. Every time Lucy made the slightest noise while she played with her toys, he plugged his ears and said, "I can't take all this noise!" (Usually when he does homework she gets right in our faces and demands things like juice and lollipops, so today she was actually being really, really good.)

3. He goes to see the Buffalo Philharmonic with the entire first grade in Thursday (what could go wrong there, right?), so if I don't post for awhile just assume I've finally taken the plunge and gotten myself a sensory deprivation chamber.

4. I've got a new review up at Venus. Check it.

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

Culture! For first graders! What could go wrong, indeed.