Monday, December 04, 2006

Good Times

1. My 50th review was posted on Amp Camp, and it's for the Lovely Feathers, a band I really like too.
2. I have been migraine free since November 11th which is some sort of personal best.
3. I think I just paid off our car yesterday.
4. And we got our Christmas tree up with a minimal struggling and swearing

Of course, I am fully aware that a "what went right" post means that things are about to go wrong, very, very wrong...


Lumpyheadsmom said...

It's a lovely, lovely tree.

I hope it's spared from the migraine-inducing car wreck caused by the lead singer of Lovely Feathers.

This is like "break a leg," right? Where if I say it, it won't happen?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I just missed the Lovely Feathers! They were opening for my cousin's band, the Slip, but I couldn't get there in time to see them.... (Jordan)