Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Message From Santa

1. I am posting from Em's blog today to say there will be some changes taking regarding the way I deliver presents to Henry and Lucy.
2. Because the Christmas tree is visible from the upstairs and Henry can no longer be trusted to stay in bed until a parent collects him on Christmas morning, all presents from the North Pole will now be wrapped.
3. However, in order to distinguish my handiwork from Em, as is her wish, I was shopping at Michael's today for a way to really set my gifts apart.
4. I have decided to wrap all of the presents delivered by myself and my reindeer in plain brown craft paper which will be accented in red eyelash yarn for Henry and green for Lucy. If the present is to be shared I will use both. Tags will be rubberstamped so my identity will remain shrouded in mystery for years to come. I am certain this will be a troublefree and aesthetically pleasing method and bloggers everywhere will laud my craftiness. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

A Message From Em:
What went wrong here? Do you even have to ask? My blog has been hi-jacked. My personality was split. And I found myself involuntarily making not one but two trips to Michaels for polyester eyelash yarn. And Lucy did not nap. And Henry knocked my shoe box full of Christmas cards in progress down off of the bookshelf and everything went everywhere!


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Good thing the Jolly Man has so many elves to help him out, because doing that kind of thing oneself would be a huge pain in the ass.

I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

(damn beta highjacked my first comment)

Eyelash yarn!?!?! That's some real Santa love. The rubber stamping is a good idea. If Santa doesn't have one of those magnetic sets where he can stick the individual letters together, he could just use initials. I think "H" and "L" are very nice letters.... (and perhaps Santa could get some sponsorship from Sesame Streeet)