Thursday, December 21, 2006

Because nobody else asked, that's why!

My Top Ten Albums of 2006

1. The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Endless repetition doesn't lessen its brilliance. "How could I get so far with a head so empty?" Indeed.
2. Head Like a Kite - Random Portraits of the Home Movie
Discovered by me through pure luck (thanks, Danny) and criminally overlooked by everyone else except my Mom.
3. The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America
Who knew I would enjoy returning to my 97 Rock roots?
4. Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives and Raised by Wolves EPs
Two EPs, yep, and I am counting them as one because it's my list and I can do whatever I want.
5. The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love
I am truly a sucker for anything with cowbell. "Whoo! Alright Yeah Uh Huh" was the best dance song of the year.
6. The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control
Dear Beth Ditto, Please get your driver's license and bring your fabulous band to Buffalo, 'kay. Love, Em
7. Cat Power - The Greatest
I was fully prepared to dislike this record, and to distrust Chan's recovery, but both appear to be completely wonderfully for real.
8. Johanna Newsom - Ys
She plays the harp, and was I ever prepared to hate it. And lo, it's actually really great.
9. Roommate - Songs the Animals Taught Us
Why oh why has no one heard this record??? Will someone please buy it now!
10. The Lovely Feathers - Hind Hind Legs
"Pope John Paul, Where You From? Krakow, Poland! Krakow, Poland!"


Anonymous said...

"Pope John Paul, Where You From? Krakow, Poland! Krakow, Poland!"

This is so brilliantly intriguing that I am leaving your blog right now to go download/buy/pirate/whatever this album so I can hear what it sounds like being sung.

YAY new music!! The only little smidgen of hipster I have is because of my association with you.


Anonymous said...

I love reading these year end "best of" lists, but yours is the best of them! I will be sending you additional music requests!!

Danny&Nina said...

Hey Em--you're welcome! ; )

If you can believe it, I wasn't formal enough to have a top 10 list this year, but these would definitely be at the tippy-top:

* The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
* Sprites - Modern Gameplay
* Pas/Cal - Dear Sir EP

And you know Belle & Sebastian, Mojave 3, The Legends, Girl Talk, Yo La Tengo, La Buena Vida, James Figurine, Jel, Rapture, Sloan, Mary Onettes, Pipas, Hot Chip, James Blackshaw, The Brakes, Spearmint, etc etc etc.

Nice picks (I'll only take offense to #'s 1 & 3--coughoverratedcough) and you're totally on the mark about "Whoo!"--jam of the year with a fun video to match!