Thursday, December 28, 2006

Future Classic

  1. I spent yesterday shopping, cleaning, and, cooking for members of Cary's family who rarely visit and were coming over for dinner.
  2. Soon after they arrived it became clear that my brother-in-law was quite ill. (He mentioned on the phone that they were a little under the weather but was pretty non-specific and since we see them next to never and all were hesitant to postpone the visit).
  3. Before long he was under a polar weight wool blanket, or otherwise indisposed, and mentioned he wouldn't be eating.
  4. Everything else seemed to be going relatively OK, except Henry kept telling their five year old that she looked "sleepy," and I thought he was being rude...
  5. Until she vomited all over my (just cleaned) kitchen floor.

So now they are caring for sick children very far from home with the prospect of a plane ride tomorrow, and we are wondering how much celebrating we will be doing on New Years this year. Stay posted, gentle readers, this could generate volumes of blog-worthy material.

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