Monday, October 27, 2008

Only my child

can put me in this maddening position.

First, you must know that Henry freaks if Lucy makes any noise at all while he is doing his homework. Thank God it usually only takes a few minutes.

So, I go to the trouble to get her on the computer, and after several false starts she is finally content and quiet.

Then he has disappeared.

Then I hear the sound of the violin.

He doesn't want to finish his math, do his reading, or practice his spelling. He just wants to play violin.

So once again I find myself in the ridiculous position of getting mad at my kid for wanting to play music.

I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't just arranged everything just so to accommodate his idiosyncrasies, only to have him ignore me anyway.

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Anne said...

You know, I looked at a bunch of your Facebook pictures the other day and I was struck by how much music seemed to be a part of life for Henry and Lucy ... so many pictures of toy instruments and real instruments ...

I really admire that! If I had kids that's *totally* how I would want to do it. I wish I had been encouraged more in that direction when I was young.

Sorry it drove you crazy today, but overall it seems really cool the way you're able to take something that's so important to you and share it with them.

Go you!

Kirsta said...

Hey Emily:

Do they have an afterschool program at Henry's school? I know you don't officially NEED to put him in one, since you're home, but I know with the ones here, they start right after school gets out and split their time between doing homework with the kids and social activities (including the computer lab).

By the time my niece, Sydney, gets home from 2nd grade, she has her homework done and Tom & Sherry can just hang out with her. She so likes the program (called "Camp Falcon" at her school, which is also where Dylan will be next fall) that she has chosen to go there instead of heading home with Sherry when she's helped out with Syd's class and can take her at 3 p.m.

A third-party homework administrator might keep him focused. I'm sure Cary would have more, you know, professional insight. ;-)

Maura said...

I love hearing about Henry and his violin. Even though my spouse + I love music, we have far too little of it around Gus, I fear. He took piano lessons a bit but wanted to quit, and I guess I wish he seemed more interested in music. But we could certainly have more music in the house, which is our bad.